The Natural World


The Natural World


29 May – 6 July 2021

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About this exhibition

The Gallery is delighted to introduce this exhibition which plays a small part in the linking of art and climate change. The natural world has been one of the most, if not the most important source of inspiration for painting since recording images or ‘art’ began in the pre-historic times. Today, whether intentionally or not, artwork inspired by the natural world and the world around us carries a much greater significance: when used effectively, art becomes powerful tool that can engage audiences in conversations about the environment, both opening minds and informing viewers. 

This exhibition of original seascapes, landscapes and urban landscapes aims to highlight the urgent crisis of climate change, including how the world is changing and being damaged by the human hand. It also seeks to encourage an emotional response from viewers by illuminating the beauty of the natural world and the world around us. In doing so, this exhibition asks visitors to consider how art can inspire and galvanise people into acting to conserve our planet for generations to come.


Featured Paintings

Watermarks by Claire Wiltsher

Shapes change, metamorphosis
Monsters from the Jurassic form in trees,
Blink again, figures dance.
Phosphorous leaves rustle in acid sunlight
Threaded on bare fractured twigs,
Through the air they take flight, like confetti.

Watch and listen, periphery vision
Black sleek shape, cut out against the rain,
Cormorant standing still and proud, he gleams,
Wings outstretched, orchestrating the river.
Fast silver water passes him by
Soon turns thick, devouring floating matter
Fat and full, ready to burst its guts
Then drag the banks to a new destiny,
Water marks.