Graham Webber Inspired by Atmosphere

The Gallery is delighted to host a second major solo show by international artist Graham Webber. This new collection of original paintings forms Graham’s second solo show at The Gallery Holt and will be featured in a new art book written by Adrian Hill FRSA.

This new body of work focusses on the sense of place and atmosphere that is unique to East Anglia. Expansive skies play a dominant role in influencing the landscape and how we see the landscape: a dense atmosphere   pushes back the distance, and subdues colours and contrast, whereas a clear light helps colours to ‘pop’ and definition increases. Graham sets out to explore this intriguing relationship between the East Anglian skies and the landscape, within his paintings.

Inspired by many different artists such as Edward Seago, John Constable and French landscape artist Eugène Louis Boudin, Graham’s greatest         influence, nevertheless, is nature itself. Through in-depth investigations of the landscape and by adding expression and communicating his thoughts, Graham has ultimately developed his own style. Graham’s work has developed beyond rendering a subject, becoming looser; creating an impression and atmosphere that is wholly and absolutely inspired by the subject.