Anna Redwood

Anna Redwood ROI
Anna Redwood thinks of paintings as being ‘pieces of music created by her hand, feelings and thoughts.’ This, combined with a fascination of celebrating paint, the textures created with a single brush, never cease to amaze and excite her, including combinations both brittle and sensual. One colour alone is not exciting, but when placed next to a second, third and fourth, the story and music begin.

Anna works mainly in oils on either board or canvas. With portraits, she usually undertakes a charcoal sketch to start with to work out a pose. She tries to paint the portrait in about three sittings. If she is working with models, she will either work with oil, acrylic and charcoal from life or again do some sketches and then work on a number of paintings, perhaps of the same pose at the same time. Anna loves to experiment with mixed media, form, structure and colour, enjoying the sheer celebration of paint.

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