Derek Daniells

Derek Daniells AROI
Derek lives in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. Having spent his earlier working life in the construction industry in senior management roles, Derek decided to pursue painting full time in 1993, encouraged by acceptance into various open exhibitions including The Mall Galleries and The Bankside Gallery.

In 1999, Derek started showing with W.H. Patterson in London where he was to spend a successful twelve years exhibiting in their five and six man shows, ‘Venice in Peril’ annual show and other mixed exhibitions. Derek has continued his passion for painting with a range of subject matter including a rekindled interest of the industrial landscape.

“Oils are my preferred medium. Most of my work is conceived on site, looking to capture the light, atmosphere and mood of the day by careful observation of tone and colour relationships. Paintings are either finished on site or used as a springboard for working larger in the studio.”

“I am attracted to images that have a strong abstract underpinning and I like to paint by finding the negative and positive shapes which gradually reveal the image. It could be a particular light that transforms an otherwise ordinary subject into something exciting or a flat light which can be eye-catching, with various close tones that are always an enjoyable challenge.”

“Much of my site work is painted on board as it is robust and easily transportable. I work on a wide range of sizes and formats. If travelling by car, I tend to take a spare frame so I can place the painting in the frame and assess progress whilst working.”