Ian McManus IEA

Ian McManus IEA is one of UK’s finest exponents in the medium of watercolour. He has recently returned from China where he was chosen as one of ten guest artists to feature and teach at the ‘Youyu International Watercolour Event’. His work has been pre-selected for the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (RI) and has been awarded full membership of the Institute of East Anglian Artists (IEA). Having exhibited original work successfully for eight annual major one-man exhibitions at the Picturecraft Gallery, Ian has now prepared over 50 new watercolour paintings for release this year.
Of particular note are Ian’s paintings that convey bustling street scenes where dramatic effects of light and shade are enhanced by his confidence to incorporate complex figurative studies. Ian unashamedly confesses to have been greatly influenced by some of the finest Impressionists Painters, and holds particular high regard for Edward Seago, Edward Wesson and John Yardley.

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