India Durban

India Durban was born in 1996 in North Norfolk and graduated Falmouth University in 2017 with a BA(hons) in Fine Art. After graduating she relocated back to Norfolk in order to be closer to family and friends. Throughout University she explored photography, abstract and performance art, however in her final year she pursued her passion for portraiture, leading to the work she is currently developing.

India has won several competitions since graduating University including ‘Visual Arts Open Young Artist winner 2017’. She has also been awarded Provisional Member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists this year.

India’s practice involves capturing the essence of a person within a momentary shot, a fleeting moment in time. She paints skin tones and flesh with rich, exaggerated colours and tones, working with the movement and application of oil paint to create vast intense portraits. Focusing on the eyes in her work and the power they hold, she creates a personal and raw emotional connection between the stripped back subject and the viewer.