June Arnold PS

In recent years, the material for June’s paintings have come from her travels and the powerful effect that these experiences have had on her at the time. She tries to capture something of the character, mood and atmosphere of the different people and places she has come across on these journeys.
June used to paint directly from the subject, but because her travel experiences are currently the main source of her painting, she only takes an A5 sketchpad and 2B pencils with her for minimal line drawings and written notes, plus her tiny camera.

Back in the studio, June does a lot of drawing before beginning a painting, usually roughs in charcoal plus pastel colour sketches. She works in many different mediums; gouache, pastel, oil, acrylic or mixed media, depending on subject matter and her feelings at the time.
June’s favourite medium is pastel, usually worked on a smooth paper or card, sometimes over an underpainting in gouache. She builds up in layers using fixative, as necessary, in between. She usually has several works on the go at one time due to unsolved problems or uncertainties with the paintings.