Trevor Chamberlain

Trevor Chamberlain ROI, RSMA
Born Hertford in 1933. No formal Art School Training. Worked initially as an architectural assistant until 1964, since when he has painted professionally. Main subjects of interest are Marine, Figure, Town and Landscape, with particular emphasis on atmosphere and light, painted alla prima from life.

Michael Shepherd (then Art Critic of The Sunday Telegraph) wrote in 1972 : “…the work of Trevor Chamberlain has shone out for me with its remarkable liveliness of almost breathable air and flickering light. Anyone who dotes on Boudin may feel a kindred spirit here. He is one of the best exemplars of the merits of working from life in the open air.” The late Rowland Hilder OBE PPRI has written of his “admiration of Trevor Chamberlain’s superb watercolours.”