Alfresco Pastry in the City of Culture

Exhibition: Artist:

Elizabeth Nast | Watercolour | 11 x 15 inches

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“Hull had been announced as the ‘City of Culture’. I was visiting predominantly to see some exhibitions, but I decided to have a walk around and see how much the city has changed since I grew up there as a child. Walking around a corner in the city centre, I spotted the bank my mum and dad use to visit, which had closed. In the intervening years, in an attempt to make Hull more desirable, the council had covered disused shops in a poster celebrating the famous people who came from Hull. As I was looking from across the street, a family began to settle themselves down on the wall outside the old bank which separated this building from an entrance to a carpark on the roof of the Prospect shopping centre. I found it funny how a family would choose in eat their lunch alfresco on wall instead of in the local park, and the figures in the poster seemed to mimic the figures on the wall.”


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