Ancient Dreams

Gertie Young RWS | Acrylic Gouache | 8.5 x 6 inches

“In the centre of the painting a cat lies comfortably asleep on a sofa.  It is stretched out luxuriously on the upholstery with its pattern of papyrus rushes copied from Egyptian frescoes.  Sleeping cats have been been depicted in art for thousands of years at various times and places.  In this painting mysterious hieroglyphs have appeared on the wall behind the little sofa – perhaps these are the ancient memories of a once-sacred animal dreaming of its past life?

I have painted since I was a child, spending my time making sense of the world through my paintings.  I attended Hornsey Art College and after leaving followed a number of careers – deputy registrar and business analyst among them as well as being a mother.  During this time I continued to paint and following my retirement I started to paint full-time, entering competitions and finally becoming a member and treasurer of the Royal Watercolour Society.    I live in South London and my inspiration comes from the things I see around me or when I’m walking or travelling.” Gertie Young

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