Be Not Far From Me

Exhibition: Artist:

 Henry Jabbour RBA, PS | Oil Pastel and Pigment Stick | 14 x 11 inches

“My paintings are my story woven with imagery and colour.
My work is autobiographical and digs deep into the essence of my history past and present. What thrills me is when my work weaves itself into the biography of others who connect with it. Much of my work focuses on the human figure. I am interested in the emotive qualities of body gesture, colour and mark making.

My work is a quest to subvert the specific in search for the universal. I am constantly searching beyond mere appearance, attempting to connect the vulnerability, fragility and impermanence of the individual with a sense of common and shared humanity. My work-making process embraces both the familiar and the unexpected, and combines observation, memory and intuition. My aim is that each piece develops a visual presence that is independent of me, or my original artistic intentions, so that the viewer can continue the search that I have initiated.” Henry


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