Black Table with Pink and Red Flowers

Shirley Trevena RI | Watercolour and Graphite Pencil | 16 x 16 inches

Black Table with Pink and Red Flowers“A big fat turquoise pot holds various red flowers, some standing, some drooping, linking the top of the painting to the bottom half. There’s a metal animal making a silhouette on the edge of the table and an abstract, snaking shape balancing the whole composition.

My paintings are mainly of domestic settings using objects that I have collected over the years for their specific colour or shape. Frequently a painting begins with just the desire to see two fabulous colours nudging up against each other.

 I work quite slowly, building up the surfaces, concocting a muddled perspective, fractured and disjointed picture planes and describing objects, which begin at strange places and end nowhere at all. Implying things rather than explaining them. Above all I want the paintings to reveal themselves slowly, remaining interesting over time, to exist beyond that first hit of glorious colour.” Shirley Trevena

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