Blind Courage

Terry Brownbill | Acrylic and Canvas | 28 x 28 inches

“A wooden horse and a blindfold… and the world’s your lobster. Here, Don Quixote and his long-suffering servant Sancho Panza are tricked into a ridiculous chivalric act involving riding a flying horse. In Cervantes’ book they are blindfolded and put aboard a wooden horse, villagers set off fireworks to convince them they were flying.” Terry

North Norfolk-based Terry Brownbill spent thirty five years as a newspaper journalist, latterly on The Sun, and as PR Consultant, before embarking on a lifelong ambition to become an artist in 2018. Born and raised in East Africa of parents in the Colonial Service, he now divides his time between painting and as a safari guide in Kenya.

He went to art college and has a BA (Hons) in fine art photography and film. His degree show led to a lecturing fellowship at Stourbridge College of Art.

While completed a one-year diploma at the Norfolk Painting School in 2018, he had one painting selected for the RA Summer Exhibition and another for the John Moores Exhibition in Liverpool. He also had a painting exhibited with the VAA in 2019.


“I am fascinated by Don Quixote, the idealistic madman created by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605, who championed the thesis that individuals can be right while society is wrong. It seems to me to be a thesis that is particularly apposite at this moment in history.

My young Don Quixote embarks on quixotic adventures of the imagination on his bicycle. These direct, brightly-coloured acrylic paintings have their origins in my own feral childhood, before television, riding off alone and unfettered into the bush and forests in search of adventure at the age of five.

Young Don Quixote also reflects the journalist in me that is always looking to tilt at windmills.

My direct, accessible, calligraphic, innocent painting style here belies the challenging questions posed by the images themselves. The blocks of vibrant colour and the random drippy paint outlines are, on the surface, a declaration that these images are all about the paint…. But they’re not. There is a deeper resonance beneath the surface.” Terry


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