Blue Winged Forest Making Jay

Exhibition: Artist:

Mark Ward IEA | Acrylic on Canvas | 47 x 47 inches

“Jay, Jay, plant me an acorn. I will plant you a thousand acorns.

Acorn, acorn, grow me an oak. I will grow you an oak that will live for a thousand years.

Year, year, fledge me a Jay. I will fledge you a Jay that will plant you a thousand acorns that will each grow a thousand oaks that will each live a thousand years that will each fledge a bright-backed, blue-winged, forest-making Jay.”

Poem by Robert Macfarlene

The painting quotes from, and is a response to, the poem above, Jay by Robert Macfarlene in his book illustrated by Jackie Morris called The Lost Spells. It was described as the little sister of The Lost Words, a book by the same pair, who have been seeking to raise children’s awareness of the natural world. As a result of the books a group of eminent folk musicians have collaborated with Macfarlene to produce two beautiful albums based on his words: Spell Songs & Let the Light in.

Jay is on the second album.


Mark’s paintings all relate to the natural world in which we live in. Most of his creations are developed from experiences of landscapes and creatures he has encountered upon his travels.

An East Anglian artist from Gainsborough to Grayson Perry have used, found and perceived low art materials into there works and so does Mark with his interpretations of nature.

He constructs stage sets in his Suffolk studio, using paper, string, clay and all sorts of rescued/recycled items. These are then closely observed and painted using acrylic.

Mark lights the sets to create drama and emphasise the nature of the materials used.


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