Catch It If You Can

Exhibition: Artist:

Liz Hood | Oil on Canvas | 36 x 36 inches

“This painting celebrates being in the moment and the magic of small things.  It was started when it was snowing in lockdown last year.” Liz

Liz Hood originally trained as a goldsmith, and was subsequently a director at award winning product designers, Hood Associates, for 18 years in Dublin.  When she turned to oil painting, it was to satisfy a more personal creative urge, and she established a painting studio in Taunton, after moving to the U.K. in 2015.  She completed a diploma at the Norfolk Painting School in 2016 and she now divides her time between Somerset and Norfolk.  Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Dublin, Exeter, Norfolk, and Somerset, and featured in Artist & Illustrators magazine in 2018. Her paintings are held in private collections in Canada, China, mainland Europe, Ireland, the UK and the USA.


While Liz Hood’s work is figurative, it is not purely representational and her characters seem to inhabit a kind of dream-space, where visual metaphors may allude to more abstract ideas.  The idea of transience is central to her practice, and she often explores the ordinary fleeting moments of common human experience, which seem to gather significance and even poignancy over time.  This is particularly so in the present time, where much of what we took for granted has been turned on its head and the future seems less certain in the face of disease, war and climate change. Nevertheless, Liz’s work helps to remind us that our world is full of wonder and that if we can engage with the magic of the present moment, we can move forward into the future with hope.

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