Colour of Masts, Rigging and Sunlight, St Martin de Ré

Robin Hazlewood VPRI | Watercolour and White Gouache | 19 x 19 inches

Robin is an accomplished British artist who was born in Meriden, Warwickshire. After studying at the Coventry College of Art, he completed his post-graduate study at the Liverpool college of Art. He has worked as the Head of Putney School of Art in London, and then as the Head of Fine and Applied Art Department of the Sir John Cass School of Art.

The artwork is mainly in watercolour with white gouache. Using not only brushes, but also paint scrapers of all kinds and sizes. Robin has found that he prefers working in the studio from drawings, colour sketches and photographs done on the spot, as he likes to reduce the view to the essential elements that recreate his initial reaction.

“Colour is all-important in my work. When I look at the world, it is colour and movement that excite me most: the glint and flicker of light through trees, sunlight on shingles, evening sunsets, fairgrounds, harbours, etc. My work is both representational and abstract. While the representational works evoke atmosphere and space through both gesture and colour, I try to make a visual equivalent, rather than a depiction, that can communicate something of the sensations evoked in me by what I see.” Robin Hazlewood.

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