Complex Contemplations

Chloe Fremantle RWS | Watercolour | 25.5 x 18 inches

“I have always fascinated by the effect colour & line have upon us each individually, these paintings from 2019 refer to the thick of the Brexit debate

So with a far more political springboard than I often work with, these 2 gouaches on paper form part of my ‘Contemplations & Divisions’ series, of which there are 12 works in all.

 The awareness of the DIVIDING LINE between each side of the Brexit vote seemed to invite a reaction.

During such times of profound concerns, the aim of these works is to present a divided composition, whilst offering the viewer a variety of options.

Colours and forms in each half or section can sometimes seem close, sometimes opposed, they may even echo each other slightly, but they are never united, never equal, instead they offer a possibility of Contemplation, despite Division, and some calm in the midst of the storm of opinion within the UK.

Since painting this series the Pandemic has sadly only increased our overriding awareness of division, diverse opinions, as well as inequality within the country, as well as regarding other far reaching global concerns.” Chloe  

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