Deep Shoal of Sardines

Exhibition: Artist:

Danni Bradford | Mixed Media | 25.5 x 25.5 inches 

“Inspired by beautiful dancing shoals of sardines that play around our shores here in the S.W of England, this “Shoal of Sardines” is painted in hues of vibrant blues, purple and green and inked in reverse, onto toughened glass before being gilded in shimmering silver metal leaf in Danni’s signature style.” Danni

Danni specialises in the Ancient Art of Verre-églomisé, the gilding of glass. Each piece of Danni’s work is hand painted onto the reverse of toughened glass with details added in inks, mica dust and lustre, then gilded in Metal leaf, such as 24 Karat Gold, Silver or Copper. Each and every piece is an original & no two pieces are ever identical.

The scarcity of Verre-églomisé in the arts has meant it has been listed by the Heritage Craft Association as ‘Critically endangered’, placing it on the ‘Red list of crafts’ that are likely to become lost art forms. By combining this rare art with her own fine art practice, Danni has set a benchmark in the use of Verre-églomisé, with the creation of her innovative, distinctive, unique, and contemporary pieces.


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