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Petra Richards | Coloured Pencils and Panpastels on Pastelmat | 19 x 13 inches

“I have been a professional artist since 2011. As a child, I spent all of my free time drawing. I was fascinated by people’s faces, particularly their eyes. My heart was set on art, and, in fact, anything creative as I grew up. Being born into communism has undoubtedly had an impact upon my choice of career. Going down the creative route, especially the artistic one, was not deemed a worthy career choice. Instead, I went down the more accepted route of studying Law and Finance.

 However, the creative streak remained within me. After my graduation, when I moved to the UK, I met a wonderful Slovakian portrait artist who saw my drawings. He helped me to understand the basics of portraiture drawing, which inspired me to pursue a career as an artist.” Petra


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