First Light

Lisa Graa Jenson RI SGFA | Acrylic on Board | 10 x 10 inches

“I like my paintings to be jolly in theme, colourful and cheery to look at. My figurative style evolved from my training in illustration, depicting people and animals in their everyday lives and domestic activities. They are loosely based on my surroundings and a lot of heavy duty artistic license gets used.

The White House in ‘Country Ways’ stood out more than in Cotswolds stone. Birds on the common is ‘Wimbledon Common’ with its gorgeous silver birches and oaks and many tree varieties. ‘By the Sea’ and ‘Midnight Riders’ and ‘First Light’ are all based on when we lived near Boulogne sur Mer in the North of France which is a farming region with a beautiful coastline. ‘Cold Snap’ is loosely based on Hambledon village stores in Surrey, and ‘Down the Allotment’ is from when we had one in Guildford.” Lisa Graa Jenson

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