Fitzwilliam, Walking Cat Sculpture

Exhibition: Artist:

Tanya Russell | Bronze Resin Sculpture Edition of 25 | H12 x W24 x D8 inches 

Tanya Russell has become well known over the last 30 years for her life-like and vibrant animal sculptures. For Tanya her practice is not only about capturing the animals she sculpts with marks and movement. It’s about our relationships with those animals and their welfare.

The Walking Cat sculpture was commissioned of Fitzwilliam, and joins his companion Jack, my standing cat sculpture and also Dan Dan, my Sitting Cat sculpture.

While I didn’t meet Fitzwilliam, I worked to represent his gentle presence in a striking and engaged pose. In this case, I did not get his sizing right as the client’s memory of him is of a gentle giant, whose scale wasn’t quite big enough in the finished sculpture. I am happy with the character and modelling of Fitzwilliam, but the commission taught me further lessons about sizing in sculpting from photos, and the care that must be taken to better indicate size in the photos and videos I send to a client who isn’t attending to sign off the finished clay model in person.

This bronze cat statue bears Tanya’s signature and unique edition number. Your casting of the Walking Cat sculpture will be personally approved and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

10% of the proceeds from this bronze animal sculpture support the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ animal charity.

We do offer the Own Art Scheme to purchase artwork. At 0% APR, this is payable in equal instalments over 10 months. Please contact The Gallery for more information.


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