Five Hanging Bottles

Lillias August RI | Watercolour | 18 x 22 inches

Hanging Bottles – “I enjoy painting shadows and reflections and have painted quite a few pictures of my old bottle collection for just this reason. Like light through stained glass, the colours and shapes shine and glow within the shadows.

My paintings are done in layers, building up tone and colour along the way. Sometimes I need to wait a day or two to let things set. I use masking fluid to give me freedom and consistency with my washes and to help me put down the painting’s layout – these areas are often washed over and blended in later when the mask is removed.

My palette is limited: a basic six (two of each primary) and a few extras. I use the most transparent, stain-strong colours I can get. Neutrals come from mixing three primaries, most of my neutral colours are mixed using a blue and raw or burnet sienna. Sometimes I use all four and sometimes and sometimes I add a touch of something else like Quinacridone if it needs , testing and adjusting as I go. Its very instinctive.” Lillias August

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