Holkham Hall Parrot Bedroom

Paul Minter | Oil on Canvas | 25 x 25 inches

“The Parrot Bedroom is the main guest bed room at Holkham Hall, through the door is one of the world’s most luxurious bathrooms. Painting the pink satin bedspread was great fun.

These are the places that inspire me and raise my spirts, the patience and skill of the craftsmen who designed and made them takes my breath away, they were what I missed most during the months of lockdown in the mist of the pandemic.” Paul

Paul’s paintings of historic houses bring to life the colour and grandeur of times past.

“These interiors inspired me to take up a career in designing costumes for film and television productions, to collect Sevres porcelain, and to live surrounded by beautiful things.” Paul

From a distance the paintings seem almost photographic but as you get closer the true magic is revealed as the mass of details evaporate into painter’s alchemy.  As in the theatre sets of the past, everything is merely suggested.

“Each picture is poised to add a touch of splendour and magic to any contemporary home, a window to- for most of us – another world”.  OX Magazine  April ‘21

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