Late Tea on Harold Road

Gertie Young RWS | Acrylic Gouache, Collage, Watercolour on Card | 11.5 x 11.5 inches

“It’s evening on Harold Road and the summer twilight falls over a quiet street with its old houses and gardens.  The distant stars have come out over the hills and the shadowy common has been turned into a deep blue sea.  In contrast the semi-circular foreground is softly lit in a warm amber colour inviting us into the painting.  We are being asked to share a simple meal of boiled egg and toast, waiting ready to be eaten.  On the right lies a silver spoon in the shape of a woman.

I have painted since I was a child, spending my time making sense of the world through my paintings.  I attended Hornsey Art College and after leaving followed a number of careers – deputy registrar and business analyst among them as well as being a mother.  During this time I continued to paint and following my retirement I started to paint full-time, entering competitions and finally becoming a member and treasurer of the Royal Watercolour Society.    I live in South London and my inspiration comes from the things I see around me or when I’m walking or travelling.” Gertie Young

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