Kimberley Walker | Watercolour and Gouache | 39 x 25 inches

“I have often seen Acanthus growing in large groups and had never really looked at an individual plant. It was so beautiful I couldn’t wait to paint it! I love that the whole life cycle from mature leaves at the bottom of the plant through younger flowers and leaves growing in one strong lifeline to vigorous new shoots at the top. I enjoyed the pure detail on this one, art and accuracy combined.” Kimberley Walker.

Born in Norfolk, Kimberley is a self-taught artist. Living in the Norfolk countryside has been the main inspiration for her artwork. Kimberley’s appreciation for country life is reflected in her paintings of wildlife, flowers, game birds and farm animals.

Watercolour is Kimberley’s favourite medium and she demonstrates a sensitive response to colour with a fascination for depicting textures such as fur, feathers and delicate petals. She is also developing her skills in oil painting.

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