Manchester Summer

Exhibition: Artist:

Hugh Winterbottom | Oil on Canvas | 11.5 x 16.5 inches

“My Main focus in my art is to Paint light shadow and colour In the form of landscape. I have three main landscapes that i focus on which all work together. landscape cityscape and landscape inside myself that i call shadow paintings Because I use artificial light source in my studio to control a landscape that i have created.

As far as I can remember my eye has always been captured by light and shadow. Cast shadows of gable ends in the evening sun. Light illuminating the leaves on trees like stain glass windows.

My pursuit and lifelong obsession with this phenomena sparked my fascination one of my main ways to do this is by going out sketching whether it is out in the countryside city or just sat on the tram catching people. I mainly sketch in pen and Watercolour I also use a lot of other Mediums as well. I youse the sketches to help produce my studio work. I also take out  my oil paints and easel into the towns and countryside plein air painting there is something very special about painting outside this also help me to produce my studio work. Method is very important to my working practices there is a lot more behind my paintings than just the finished piece.

It’s hard to say how long my studio work takes because I have four or five paintings on the go at the same time because when one is drying i can work on a another also it gives me chance to think and meditate before i paint on them again on average they takes about 1 to 2 months maybe longer.” Hugh


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