Melt Me - Part of 'A Short and Sexy Story'

Exhibition: Artist:

SweetArt | Mixed Media | 18 x 18 inches

“A few years ago, a pile of discarded Quality Street wrappers sat on the post Christmas dinner table. A light shone through the wrappers and created a beautiful shadow effect on the wall. I thought there could be a way of creating some beautiful images using them, but had no idea how to do it or what the subject matter should be.
For years after, we collected used wrappers from family, friends and neighbours until my studio was bursting. Once I had enough raw material, I toyed with various ideas until my mrs, Vic, had a brainwave. “Why not make big images of iconic sweets?” and after much experimentation, SweetArt was born.

Since then, many people have contributed to making the first SweetArt exhibition possible, and have made it infinitely better than it would have been had I tried to do it alone. I especially have to thank Vic who has been absolutely brilliant in doing pretty much everything except actually making the art!

I have loved making these images, which is why my ‘artist’ signature is ‘Simon’ followed by a heart.” Simon and Vic Dry – SweetArt 


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