Midnight Moonlight

Exhibition: Artist:

Douglas Gray | Oil on Panel | 20 x 30 inches

Award-winning artist Douglas Gray based in Harrogate began his professional artistic career in illustration, achieving significant success in the forthcoming years working with clients such as Saatchi and Saatchi, Warner Brothers and illustrating book covers for popular authors including Jackie Collins.

Douglas’s transition into the world of contemporary fine art was a natural progression creating light, mood and atmosphere. His skilful and unique artistic process and his command of oil paint’s luminous effect enables him to harness light in all its ever changing forms as it interacts with the surroundings in all too often fleeting moments. Douglas continually explores new ways to capture light and visual texture in all his paintings. His cityscapes resonate with the  experience of sunlight, the sensation of sunrise and the multi-hued dusk and dawn.

Douglas’s figurative art portrays human nature in all its meditative moods, often encompassing ethereal subtleties of light and colour and always creating a powerful sense of atmosphere, place and time.

‘Light affects all it touches and everyone of us responds to it instinctually and emotionally’ he says, ‘and I hope my paintings arouse the viewer’s own emotions and recollections’.

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