Moors Mardle

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Pauline Sexton | Pastel | 16 x 18 inches

“I was born on a farm in the Breckland area of East Anglia and this area remains my home. I feel it is an important mixture of changing seasons, natural countryside, wildlife, and coastline.
I love pastels because of its instant use and its longevity in excess of most other mediums. Colours never fade and stays vibrant forever!
I tend to paint what inspires me to paint. Inspiration for me can be from other talented artists, the mood of the day, what invokes emotion, what speaks to me and astounds me. It could even be light, colours and movement!
My work has a varied style and I have no real set subject. I am known to work on several paintings at one time, tweaking and adjusting until it says to me it’s finished! It shows my relationship with the love of nature. Those moments of quiet reposes that occupy the rural natural world excites me. Rural is where I live and this is what fuels me!
Currently in my growth as an artist, I have tried to shift the way I express landscapes. I have loosened my tight reigns, am trying to attune with not overworking and striving to add more movement and more energy! Its turning out to be difficult as instinct in life is to tidy!” Pauline

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