Mumma Says No

Exhibition: Artist:

Susie Prangnell PS | Pastel | 8 x 8 inches

“The feel of a pastel stick making contact with my hand; the sound of it releasing pigment onto the paper, the shedding of dust.

A meditative process through which connections emerge and listening is the key that unlocks response.

That statement in gesture and colour both fragile and bold reaching out for its story to be told.

A flight of imagination.

A love letter to life.

My passion for drawing and painting has been lifelong, something of a compulsion, or obsession perhaps.

I am a largely self-taught artist, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the artists who unknowingly have inspired and encouraged me through the story of their journey in life and their artworks.

My work is inspired by maps and landscapes, current affairs, life experiences and childhood.  Soft pastel is my favourite medium, and I find it ideal to explore the themes of fragility, resilience,  tension and balance which fascinate me.  Working directly with my hands and fingers on the paper is a very important aspect of my art practice, and the tactile and expressive quality of pastel  provides an immersive and challenging experience as I paint.

I prefer to work intuitively drawing upon memories, sketches, studies and imagination so that the painting gradually evolves and I am aware of an ebb and flow process during which I keep an open mind about the direction the work will take.” Susie


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