My Chosen Path Boxed Edition Book, including Limited Edition Print

Kieron Williamson Book ‘My Chosen Path’ | Hardback: 144 pages | Size: 26.7 x 2.5 x 28 cm | Published by Halstar | Printed in 2018

The artist Kieron Williamson rose to public awareness when, aged six, his first paintings were put on show. The following year, in 2009, sixteen of his paintings sold in less than quarter of an hour and since that time all his exhibitions have been sell-out shows taking over 2 million. These are the facts through which Kieron’s celebrity has grown, creating worldwide media interest whenever and wherever he exhibits his work. Collectors and patrons vie for his pictures which are held in private collections throughout the world. But what of his art? In this book Kieron himself describes what it is that motivates him to paint, his unquenchable thirst to develop his technical expertise and his constant search for subjects where his skill can be tested. He writes too of the importance of the support given by family and friends who, against the clamour of media scrutiny, provide a secure private life from which he can pursue his passion to paint. And the way ahead? While still in his mid teens Kieron is already answering those questions about his future that first arose when he came to fame as the ‘Mini Monet’. The paintings in this book confirm his status as an artist and reveal to us something of the direction this exciting young talent will now follow.

Please note that this is a Limited Signed Boxed First Edition Book with Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print.



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