Nefeesa, Grevys Zebra

Exhibition: Artist:

Sarah Lake | Hand Cut Paper | 8 x 11.5 inches 

“My name is Sarah, I am a paper artist Living in Kent.

I have a huge love for all wildlife so most of my work is based around that, however I have also done classic cars, wedding photos and flowers.

Recently, I have taken up photography to use my own photographs for my artwork. Paper cutting started as a hobby for me over ten years ago and over the last few years I’ve been donating them to various animal charities for fundraising.

Each piece starts out with a photograph. Which is then split into the number of layers I want to work with. The layers will vary as to how much detail I can get into the piece.

Each layer is then printed onto the sheets of hammered paper. Then the fun really starts, with cutting each layer out by hand with a scalpel and gluing down before starting on the next layer. Each photo is only ever used once, making them a truly unique piece of artwork.” Sarah


We do offer the Own Art Scheme to purchase artwork. At 0% APR, this is payable in equal instalments over 10 months. Please contact The Gallery for more information.


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