Ornithologist's Dream

Exhibition: Artist:

Jim Anderson | Oil on Canvas | 71.5 x 32.5 inches

Jim Anderson is a multi-media artist living in Cambridgeshire, who divides his time and energies between printmaking, mosaic-making, painting, teaching, and writing. His work encompasses many different media and ideas – but use of found or recycled materials is always paramount; and his imagery is steeped in the satirical and the surreal.

“A bird-watcher tells of his dream to his alarmed wife – meanwhile a single bird has come out of the dream and is perched balefully at the end of their bed.

This is a large figurative painting executed in a vigorous and – in places – thickly impacted manner. The figure with the binoculars is very loosely based upon a bird-watcher I know. The image has something of the stage set about it. Like my painting The Creation of the Birds it is another attempt to channel – in a light and dream-like manner – something of the spirit of Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds.'” Jim Anderson

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