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Ekatrina Chekalina | Oil on Canvas | 32 x 34 inches

Ekatrina’s paintings show sophisticated young ladies in flirty striped stockings and royally ruffled collars, serenely playing chess, riding retro bicycles, drinking coffee, playing music, or just melancholically drowning in the endless drapery of their own crinolines.

Ekatrina states ‘I want to please people: there are so many bad and heavy things around. The picture for me is the field of my imagination, my dreams and desires. And you always dream of good things.’

“Gentle white peonies with round buds with a shade of light pink look like a powdered face of a young fashionista… This is one of the paintings from my Botanica series. There are more than 30 paintings in this series where every flower is the heroine of the plot.” Ekatrina

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