Pink Passage

Exhibition: Artist:

Christine Watson | Pastel on Paper |  23 x 16 inches

‘Since her residency at the British School at Rome, Christine’s work has investigated the cities, towns and villages of the Mediterranean region, from Italy to Greece and Morocco. Here the built environment is characterized not so much by individual buildings as by walls, doorways and windows, and specifically the spaces between them in the form of passages and alleyways. These surfaces merge in a sophisticated urban continuum, bearing the marks and traces of centuries of habitation.
Christine works in a variety of media, from oils and acrylics to print, but her core enthusiasm is for working with pastels, which best conveys the atmosphere of her subject matter. Christine’s camera is her sketchbook, with photographs representing the starting point for each work, and the composition is gradually pared back to reveal its essential qualities – what is missing is as significant as what remains. The work is intended to provoke the imagination: What is around the corner? What is behind the door? And who has just walked past?
Typically, each pastel takes several weeks of work, with the image gradually coaxed into being through an intense and obsessive exploration of colour and tone – -the end result is always uncertain.’

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