Pink Roses

Exhibition: Artist:

Linda Alexander ROI | Oil on Canvas | 8 x 8 inches

Linda Alexander ROI

Linda has always been drawn to the intricate beauty of small things and in recent years it has been the botanical world that has inspired her. One of the most important effects that she tries to portray in her paintings is light. Ever since she became an architect she has been fascinated by the way that sunlight illuminates a subject and how it brings botanical subjects to life.

She particularly loves the subtle, delicate and luminous qualities of reflected light as well as strong direct sunlight on a subject. Textures too are a constant fascination. She paints subjects that lift her spirit, inspire and move her and in the world of nature she finds plenty of these. She left her career in architecture in 2005 and has enjoyed great success as a professional artist ever since. She exhibits and sells her work every year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the ROI and the SBA. As a result her work is in private collections throughout the world. She regularly paints with the Hesketh Hubbard Society, undertakes commissions and teaches in her studio in Isleworth, London.


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