Pint of Prawns

Lucy Clayton SGFA | Watercolour and Ink | 31.5 x 24.5 inches

“Inspired by sea life, nature and food, my work has a graphic quality to it combining watercolour painting with printmaking techniques. Many of the subjects I paint are connected to personal experiences and  I am particularly interested in how our senses can create strong memories through taste, texture, and smell.

 Currently I am exploring a form of mono printing called the blotted line technique. There is something I find quite magical about making a print as it gives a new dimension to my work. 

Beginning with a drawing I transfer the image onto tracing paper. This sheet is then hinged with masking tape onto a piece of watercolour paper. Next using a dip pen and waterproof ink I follow the lines on the underside of the tracing, flip it over and print.  It’s a gradual process that gives interesting and unexpected marks, adding texture to my work.

Drawing is an essential part of my practice as it allows me time to investigate and understand a subject.” Lucy


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