Poison Green

Cameron Galt RWA | Watercolour on Paper | 12 x 11 inches

My enigmatic Christmas Rose had lost a stalk, which had fallen away from the plant. I placed it an antique poison bottle to keep it alive and had my composition given to me as a Christmas gift from the Rose. I thought it may survive for a day or two but it lasted, in perfection, for nearly two weeks! Long enough for me to paint it, after being struck at its’ utter simplicity and having remarked on the flower and the bottle being on two poles of the green spectrum.
I am a realist painter of all traditional subjects, ie. portrait, landscape & still-life. Most of my work is produced by working directly from life with my subject matter right in front of me. I rarely make anything which could be described as ‘studio’ work but if I do those works are always informed by observational drawings & studies. Nature is too complex to record in paint without a lot of looking, to this, the memory alone can’t be trusted.” Cameron Galt


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