Pretty Maids All In A Row

Exhibition: Artist:

Patricia Rozental | Watercolour | 14.5 x 7.5 inches

“I paint in my favoured medium of watercolour. Underpinning the imagery in my work is the idea that familiar, prosaic objects are always fascinating; I try to highlight the everyday and common place to evoke something special and extraordinary.

I am really drawn to old ‘stuff’, not necessarily antiques, but well worn, every day things we would all recognise, anything from spoons, other cutlery and household objects to tools and old oilcans. The tarnish, rust, dents and scratches on a metal or wooden surface are the marks of a life well used, giving the object personality. My painting elevates them from a utilitarian purpose to a decorative state.

I’m not really interested in painting background – it is the formal quality of each particular subject I am painting which fascinates me… I try to portray each object as an individual, stand alone painting which makes the finished work a collection of  homogenous small pieces…” Patricia


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