Quiet Intensions

Exhibition: Artist:

Olivia Dunn ASWA | Soft Pastel and Pastel Pencil | 9 x 7.5 inches

“My portraits have developed from an enduring interest in people and the emotional connections we experience. Exploring how posture and gaze can alter our connection to a piece of work is of central importance. My work often denies the viewer of eye contact and has a subtlety with the aim of drawing the viewer in.

I strive not just for the qualities of a good piece of art, through studying the human form and features, but for the story and emotional connection with the viewer. This intangible quality is my motivation. The relationship that can be made by a viewer to a piece of work is fascinating, it may be transient, fleeting or enduring, but it is an invisible connection. There is an aspect of vulnerability to a large proportion of my work, I want to invite the viewer into my work and to have that moment of connection.” Olivia


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