Rapunzel, No-one has the Key to the Tower

Exhibition: Artist:

Jim Anderson | Oil on Canvas | 59 x 19.5 inches

Jim Anderson is a multi-media artist living in Cambridgeshire, who divides his time and energies between printmaking, mosaic-making, painting, teaching, and writing. His work encompasses many different media and ideas – but use of found or recycled materials is always paramount; and his imagery is steeped in the satirical and the surreal.

“An attempt to de-Disney-fy the Rapunzel story and bring back a touch of the eerie folk-horror-comedy that lies at the core of the Grimm brothers’ original.

What exactly does the little prince think he is going to do with his gargantuan lover? The painting is achieved in a thickly-worked, chunky manner (with coffee grounds and sand mixed up in the pigment), in colours that are reminiscent of a slightly disturbed children’s story-book illustration. No-one has the key to the tower is a line from a song by the sublimely spooky rock band The Legendary Pink Dots, who are themselves no strangers to eerie folk-horror-comedy. In the foreground of the painting is an endless field of Rapunzel plants.” Jim Anderson

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