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Annie Drew | Oil on Birch Panel | 11 x 11 inches

“I have spent many happy hours in the company of Robins, they see me appear in my dungarees with a trowel in hand, and never stray more than a few metres away. Fiercely territorial, yet I’ve seen 4 sit patiently on the fence, watching my movements, waiting for any sign of movement in the soil.

So synonymous with snow and Christmas cards, it’s refreshing to see this little bird basking in warm sunlight, contrasting against the brilliant summery greens behind him. Perched delicately on a rough branch, its bright eye searching out his surroundings.

I painted the tiny delicate feathers in layers, using a magnifying glass to help me create the smallest of marks with precision. Capturing the light as it falls across the body, shining off the chest in brilliant oranges and the grey flint of the beak. Famous for its quick, darting movements, I almost expect to look back and see the composition empty, as the Robin flies off to catch his next meal.

Painted from reference taken by Nigel Robinson.

I paint using the “wet on wet” technique, which means I build up the layers of colour and texture in small sections at a time. Not waiting for the paint beneath to dry, but pulling my brush through the wet paint, creating clean and precise marks.

My first experience of professional wildlife art was a book by Christophe Drochon. Nothing had ever inspired me the way his work did, it was such beautiful and realistic art.

I couldn’t begin to work out how he had achieved it, but I knew instantly this was where I belonged. Choosing to leave further education at 17, was a difficult decision. But I was struggling to find a course that would teach me what I wanted to learn. I already knew exactly what I wanted to do, and didn’t want to be limited by what resources were available / affordable to me. With one year’s worth of formal art education under my belt, as well as a childhood built on creativity, I decided to learn by doing.

Starting full-time at such a young age allowed me to grow quickly. Learning as much as possible, seeking advice and building a support system of professional creatives. They helped with framing, printing, teething problems and the occasional disaster! I jumped in head-first and have never wanted to deviate from the path. Simply to expand it! Being self-taught allowed me to focus on what I knew I wanted to do, with passion and determination. Gaining a wealth of knowledge in my chosen field, that can be continuously built on.” Annie


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