Saturday 7.52pm

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Curtis Holder | Coloured Pencil on Paper | 60 x 50 inches

“Born in Leicester, I’m an artist based in London, UK. I draw on paper using graphite and coloured pencils and my work focuses on people and the human form. For me, drawing is an instinctive form of expression. Ever since my earliest childhood scribbles, I’ve used my pencil to observe life, convey emotions and tell stories.

I prefer to start every drawing with a conversation, an opportunity to glimpse into the mind of the subject, make a connection and shape an idea. My goal is always to translate their emotions and the mood of our encounter onto paper, along with my own feelings and observations. The marks I make respond to the moment. Sometimes a simple continuous line says everything, other times I build tone and depth with complex layers of colour, injecting spontaneous lines to emphasise form or emotional intent. Life is never still, so I use multiple marks to create movement and energy or to correct what the eye has misjudged. I rarely erase lines; they are all part of the story.

In 2020 I won Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, a national portraiture competition televised in the UK. My winner’s commission of world-renowned ballet dancer Carlos Acosta hangs as part of the permanent collection at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, UK.” Curtis


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