Senetti Reds

Exhibition: Artist:

Anne Goldberg | Gouache on Paper | 29 x 19 inches

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“This is a collaboration of figurative and abstract, something which I love painting together as both the areas of art interest me greatly. I enjoy the discipline and challenge of looking at real objects and aiming to characterise them to give form and beauty. I also appreciate the shapes and patterns in more abstracted styles and the fusing them together in one painting excites me. 

Senetti Reds (name taken as a play on Cincinnati Blues) is a gouache study of a luscious magenta Senetti plant with a backdrop of beautiful silken material of complimentary colouring. Once heavily underway, I showed it to one of my daughters, one of my biggest fans but also one of my biggest critics. She enthused but thought the overall colour palette was too similar. I took the comments on board and the plate of mango was introduced. I have to hand it to her; the addition perfectly compliments the composition.”


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