A Short and Sexy Story

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SweetArt | Mixed Media | Collection of 6 Original Artworks each measuring 18 x 18 inches

“A few years ago, a pile of discarded Quality Street wrappers sat on the post Christmas dinner table. A light shone through the wrappers and created a beautiful shadow effect on the wall.

We thought there could be a way of creating some beautiful images using them, but had no idea how to do it or what the subject matter should be.

For years after, we collected used wrappers from family, friends and neighbours until our studio was bursting. Once we had enough raw material, and had then separated, flattened and collated all the different colours and silver foils, we toyed with various ideas until Vic had a brainwave. “Why not make big images of iconic sweets?”.  After much experimentation, SweetArt was born.

Since then, we have had a sellout first exhibition at Brick Lane, London and sold out at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, with subsequent commissions including 20+ individual love hearts (from the “The Short and Sweet Love Story”) for the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses in the USA and the UK and also pieces for the Mackintosh family (original owners of Quality Street) .

SweetArt is all about a love of art, sweets, nostalgia, making people smile and our own small contribution to taking up less space in a landfill site…” Vic and Simon Dry

We do offer the Own Art Scheme to purchase artwork. At 0% APR, this is payable in equal instalments over 10 months. Please contact the Gallery for more information.


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