Silver Jug with Figs

Exhibition: Artist:

Estelle Day | Oil on Board | 4 x 6 inches

“I get so much joy from portrait painting, despite (or maybe because of) the challenge! Each sitter is unique and each portrait tells a very different story.
I always work using oil paint, which allows me to build up layers gradually. My portraits are quite detailed and realist in style although I never strive to make my portraits look photographic. Getting a person’s likeness is definitely important but my aim is to also allow the viewer a glimpse of the sitter’s character and personality.

When I’m not painting a person, I’m painting an object. I love to collect all sorts of things, from shells and marbles to unusual ornaments, pots and bottles – many of which have featured in my work. I am fascinated by different textures and how they reflect the light. Each object means something to me – either sentimentally or because it is interesting and different in some way. The objects I choose to paint are not necessarily beautiful .. they might be imperfect in some way and that just adds to their story.” Estelle


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