Sleep Comes to the Little Caravan

Gertie Young RWS | Gouache, Collage, Coloured Pencil, Sweet Papers on Card | 8 x 8 inches

A little caravan is parked beside the sea. Twilight arrives with its half seen shapes, moths and distant roosting birds.  The light dims, colours become muted and suppressed, sweet papers glitter at the edge of the painting.  Tomorrow, with the sunrise we will once again be busy with our plans and activities but for now we rest and gently fall asleep beside the sea of the unconscious.  The tide ebbs and flows and the twilight brings dreams and memories but in this lilac moment we still hover and the edge of sleep.

I have painted since I was a child, spending my time making sense of the world through my paintings.  I attended Hornsey Art College and after leaving followed a number of careers – deputy registrar and business analyst among them as well as being a mother.  During this time I continued to paint and following my retirement I started to paint full-time, entering competitions and finally becoming a member and treasurer of the Royal Watercolour Society.    I live in South London and my inspiration comes from the things I see around me or when I’m walking or travelling.” Gertie Young

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