Still Life On a Ledge

Claire Sparkes RI SGFA | Watercolour | 23 x 23 inches

“Still Life On A Ledge’ takes its inspiration from seventeenth and eighteenth century Dutch Flower Painting. The flowers, insects and ceramics featured within the composition are all imbued with symbolism, reminding us of the transitory nature of existence. Whilst capturing the delicacy and elegance of the flowers, the painting also reveals their decay. Yet, there is a beauty in their decay, and the visiting pollinators and broken egg shell speak of the cycle of life, and of new beginnings.

My paintings primarily focus on people, whilst also encompassing still life, interiors and landscape. At times my work crosses these boundaries interrelating and layering elements. This leads to the weaving of narratives that draw upon connections through time and place, as well as between cultures, individuals and mythologies.

Drawing is fundamental to my artistic practice. Techniques of drawing and painting merge within my work. I love the versatility and fluidity of watercolour, and enjoy combining looser washes with layered detail. Mark-making is extremely important to me. Like a calligraphy, it unravels the story of the painting over time.Claire Sparkes

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