Summer Mizzle

Exhibition: Artist:

Gary Cook SGFA | Ink, Watercolour and Charcoal | 17.5 x 12 inches

“These pieces focus on trees and the wildlife associated with them. There are, for example, around 300 different species of insect dependant in some way on beech trees, and 2,300 different species, including birds; bats; moths and fungi, dependant in some way on oak trees. There are also up to 1,058 different species, from birds to beetles and fungi to lichen dependant on ash trees. Sadly we are predicted to lose 90% of our 70m ash trees to dieback disease. I wondered what will happen to all of those interconnected species? In these watercolours I have included feint, subliminal silhouettes of insects to represent the threatened and disappearing wildlife. They are hard to spot, but once you’ve found them, they become clearer in the composition of the painting.”


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