The Ballad of Colmore Row

Exhibition: Artist:

Adam De Ville | Watercolour | 26 x 22 inches

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“I would visit Birmingham two or three times a week with friends in my late teens, and often drive through to see family. I think my fascination with place took hold there: imagining all the folk who passed through or lived on this particular road along the duel carriage way. The Georgian and Victorian architectural urban decay resting below 1960s smog covered, brutalist tower blocks was darkly evocative (and still is).

 I think we can know a place through our imaginings as much as the effects of fashions and the passing of time. A little bit of what we see through our memories or imaginings rubs off and changes a place. I painted this road out of nostalgia and for the young man dreaming of his future. The street began to sing and characters I hadn’t planned popped up to say hello. I love it when the unplanned takes hold and changes the work. The painting is a scene, a rolling story, a series of moments all together in one blink.”


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